Born in Strathroy, Toronto-based Tara McLeod has been shredding guitar for years.

At the age of 12, she found herself with the instrument in hand and quickly developed a deep love for music and her part in creating it. For years, her fingers worked deftly at the strings, turning practiced chords into brand new pieces of music that more accurately captured who she was and is as a musician. Her love, passion and inspiration has carried that dedicated craft into great territories.


In 2005, she started working with acclaimed metal band Kittie, working on and releasing three intricate and well-received albums with the band and performing countless live shows with them around the world. She has also done session work with Miny, Before the Damned, and Shawn Desman. Currently, she is working with Desman and Fefe Dobson while also providing online guitar lessons for anyone sharing the same passion she has for bringing music to life. She remains active, both privately and publicly, as a tutor and an explosive entertainer.